Photo Shoot Preparation  

The below list should help us prepare for the photo-shoot and maximize its success.  Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. 


Time of Day:


-          Most outdoor photo-shoots will take place either very early in the morning or in the late afternoon.  This is due to the natural light and its intensity, as well as tone, which is best around those times of the day. 

-          Indoor photo-shoots can take place anytime of the day.


-          Things to consider:

o   Indoors or Outdoors

o   Nature or Urban settings

o   The surroundings should be visually appealing to the viewer, while contributing to the overall composition of the photo.

o   Given that the book focuses on the New York region, elements of NYC architecture and/or landscape are a plus.

o   Indoor locations should have relevance and connection with the philosophy of the participant, as well as the posture/asana demonstrated and photographed.


-          Agreement on the location should be discussed and agreed upon two weeks prior to the day of the photo-shoot.


Outfit & Props


-          If a yoga mat is used, please consider its color with respect to your outfit and the surroundings.  In essence, the mat can contribute to the overall composition; however it should not be the focus of the image.  For instance, a neutral colored mat (grey, black) most of the time will not call much attention, however a vibrant colored mat (red, yellow, orange) might take away the viewers’ attention of the main subject.

-          Consider the outfit you’ll be wearing with respect to the rest of the environment, as well as the overall composition.

-          If props are used, they should be a constructive element of the posture/asana .

Time Required

-          For each photo-shoot please consider setting aside 2 hours plus the time it takes to get to the location.