The Project


The book will provide readers with an in-depth understanding about the 3rd limb of yoga, known as Asana with a unique perspective, as described and demonstrated by advanced practitioners and senior yoga teachers from the New York City area.    The idea is that each participant photographed will pose /demo their chosen Asana and will provide a thorough description with instructions for each stage of the posture, fused with their personal journey, experience and philosophy. 


The Photographs


Photographs are best displayed printed, not projected.  Print is the definitive way to display photographs whether as framed fine art or as part of a book.  This book aims to merge these two media, in a medium coffee table book where print quality will not be compromised. 

Professional photography of each participant/yogi will be provided by Robert Hajdu Fine Art Photography, which will also include professional development of each photograph.   The location and time of each photograph taken will be a decision and agreement made between the participant and the photographer. 

Given that the photographs are intended to be published, a model release form will need to be completed and signed by each modeling participant. 

High resolution, professionally developed digital copies (JPG files) of the photographs will be provided to each participant at no cost, as well as a large size print of their main posture.


The Writing


Each participant/yogi will need to provide the following:

·         Short Personal biography and yoga related experience

·         Their yoga related philosophy / views

·         Their personal instructions and explanation of the posture(s) demonstrated / photographed.


Information provided will be reviewed and edited and formatted from the perspective of composition, content and grammar.  The final format will be presented to the participant for their signoff.


The Book


Each of approximately sixty photographs will be presented on its own page when possible, and/or surrounded by text.  The idea is to maximize the visuals of the posture/asana presented, providing the reader with the benefit seeing the photographs and the writing in the same section.  

The book will be approximately 75-85 pages, which besides the main content (photographs / writing) will include the table of content, forward and index for reference.


The Cause


The majority percentage of the sales of the book will be donated to Born Free, a charity dedicated to the cause of keeping wildlife in the wild, rescuing vulnerable animals from lives of misery in tiny cages, and halting the race to extinction by protecting rare species in their natural habitat.